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The Basics -

The Vethrian Cycle is an elaborate allegorical tale, which spans large periods of time and many generations of characters.

It begins in the realm of the Colossals, called the Continuum, who are like gods and who are responsible for creating all that exists. These Colossals are not tangible and as such are a form of pure energy, which was not created but just was. These beings are very powerful but not equal in their power and therefore war with each other for the purpose of establishing order from the chaos. As a result of their constant warfare and various schemes to achieve order by violence Existence, that which is tangible, is created. As part of a later scheme Mortal beings are created and placed within Existence.

For more time then a Mortal can fathom, these Colossals waged war against each other and although they did not work in concert at first eventually they did. As a result bands were formed and power was clustered together being used against the singular raging Colossals to bring their fury to a close and allow order to take hold in the Continuum.

These bands of Colossals however were tenuous and as a result chaos would always return to the Continuum. This process occurred again and again until the rise of a Colossal named Aeyrom.

It was Aeyrom who came upon the idea of making the Colossals equal by diminishing their need to compete with each other by creating a race of slaves for them to rule over. This race of slaves was called the Sevtolhal and during their creation by a chosen council of Colossals they were altered from the design so that they would be very powerful, able to compete with the Colossals themselves. Although the Colossals were much more powerful, teamed up the Sevtolhal could cause great damage.

When the Sevtolhal learned of their latent power they demanded to be given respect and equality with the Colossals. Trying to prove their value to the Colossals they decided to create a race of Mortals showing the Colossals how equal they were to them. When the act was done and Mortal man had been created the Colossals were horrified at the Sevtolhal’s insolence and banished them to live in Existence.

From this point in the story the focus changes to the world the Sevtolhal find themselves in, that of Existence and their tribulations become the main focus. As the story continues the focus changes again to the Mortals the Sevtolhal have created. All of that is the foundation for the real story, that of the tribulations of the Mortals, this is where we meet the main cast of characters.

The first part of the story that deals with the Continuum and the Colossals is called the “Colossus”. The second part of the story dealing with the Sevtolhal in Existence and the Mortals is called the “Eptian”.

There are also three more parts that occur after the Eptian. All of the five parts together make up the complete “Vethrian Cycle”..

The first part of the story, the “Colossus”, has been quickly summarized on a blog in order to set the stage for the second part of the story, the “Eptian”, which is in the process of being told in greater detail on the Vethrian blog as a weekly series at [vethrian.wordpress.com]. This in-depth version is still a rough draft of the story so continuity issues may arise.

The Complexities -

There are two plains, also called realms. One plain is called the Continuum and the other Existence. The Continuum does not exist in a tangible sense, it is pre-creation and is composed of pure energy. Life exists in the Continuum but this life was not created and is composed of the same pure energy, these beings are called the Colossals. As this world is pure energy it is chaotic and the Colossals live within this chaos. Although these Colossals are omnipotent as a group, not all of them are equal in their power. Now because they seek to establish order within the Continuum and because no one Colossal can dominate all of the rest, they war with each other constantly which further contributes to the disorder of the Continuum. Many wars occur and many schemes are played out for the purpose of establishing order but as is common in nature attempts for power are the primary catalyst for everything else that happens.

It is this search for order and the many attempts at power that lead to the formation of Existence, or that which is tangible, by the Colossals. Existence, when created established the second realm diametric to the first realm.

More to come…


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