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About the Vethrian

The Vethrian is an elaborate allegorical story.

The story is currently being created and is presented in a rough draft form as episodes on the Construct site here [ http://vethrian.wordpress.com ]. Each new episode offers a small new piece of the Vethrian world. Typically a new episode is posted every two to three weeks.

Although the Vethrian is a story, it is not meant to be a single linear novel but rather a web of stories that intermingle and then branch off into new and distinct stories within the Vethrian world.

The Vethrian occurs in four major parts. 1) The Colossus, 2) The Eptian Part One, 3) The Eptian Part Two and The Eptian Part Three.

Eptian - Part One, Draft - A (printed version) 02/25/10
Eptian - Part Two, Draft - A (printed version) 12/05/10
Eptian - Part Three, Draft - A (printed version) ::forthcoming::

The Vethrian is copyright by Christopher T. Ranney