Sev - tole - hall
(a race of beings created by the Colossals in order to serve them as their slaves. They were created so that the Colossals would no longer war with each other for supremacy)

*special note

...And so the Sevtolhal fell, banished to Existence for their insolence having created a Mortal race of men in order to prove their equality with the Colossals.

Once in Existence the Sevtolhal quickly learned that in their fall they themselves had become mortal and thus damned to the realm of Existence forever should they perish there. Their only hope was to somehow please the Colossals and earn entry back into the Continuum but to do so they would need to remain alive.

Thus they established for themselves their main objective, "survive".

There is a backstory that you can read regarding the Colossals and the Continuum and the creation of the Sevtolhal as a slave race here.

One of the Sevtolhal surveys his new world
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Ref: Ep I