The Continuum is the realm of the Colossals, where the Sevtolhal were created and banished from

Aboriginals, the
Mortal beings that were in Existence before the Mortals arrived. They are not of one type, but are a myriad of types. The Mortals call these various being the "Sreoth".

The Sevtolhal debated among themselves what to do in this new realm. Should they hide and hope the anger of the Colossals would eventually subside allowing for their return or should they prove themselves to the Colossals by dominating their surroundings and forming a rival realm to that of the Continuum.

The Sevtolhal did not fear the Mortals because having created them they expected to be able to control them. There were however aboriginal beings in Existence that they had no hand in creating and they did not know their capabilities.

They did not know the extent of their own power in this place, could they easily defeat the aboriginals and control the Mortals or would they be quickly overwhelmed and annihilated and thus damned to roam Existence forever as formless spirits.

An Aboriginal or "Sreoth"
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Ref: Ep II-III